Hotel Am Rosenhügel

Hotel am Rosenhügel in Jüchsen / Thüringen


Our Hotel am Rosenhügel is conveniently located near Motorway A 71 Schweinfurt / Erfurt (exit appr. 5 km away) in the village of Jüchsen, municipality of Grabfeld / Thuringia.


You can reach the city center of Meiningen from our hotel in about 10 minutes and in about 20 minutes - the city center of Suhl. The famous winter sports center Oberhof in the Thuringian Forest can be reached in about 30 minutes.

The Grabfeld region is located between the Röhn Mountains and the rich with forests Thuringia, in the central part of Germany, and is an ideal starting point for hiking, cycling and motorcycling.

Jüchsen itself is the oldest settlement in southern Thuringia - first mentioned in 758 under the name Gohhusa.

With its approximately 1,600 inhabitants, Jüchsen offers favorable infrastructure and has not only two nearby motorway junctions but it also lies on important hiking trails between Grabfeld and Werra valley, like the Celtic adventure trail or the bike route on the old post road Milz - Salzbrücke.

Your team at the Hotel am Rosenhügel is looking forward to seeing you.